The Map that Drove Me to Drink, Part II

Note: This is part two of a post that was originally published on June 12, 2015. Go read that one first, or you’ll end up as confused as I was when I wrote it. Here’s the link to The Map that Drove Me to Drink, Part I. Here’s an astounding fact. In the year 1875, no fewer than…

The Map that Drove Me to Drink, Part I

This blog has been opening some fun doors lately. Just in the last few months, I’ve been asked to speak at a museum, lead a bicycle history tour, emcee a fundraising event, and even write a book. It’s all great stuff, but it’s presented me with a huge problem. All of this extra stuff has made it extremely difficult…

Falstaff Plant #5

Note: This is one of the original “Facebook posts” from December 2011. This was the second of my “history finds” that were posted on Facebook and eventually led to this creation of this blog. Falstaff has quite a story behind it, so I hope to someday give it my full attention with a detailed blog post….

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