Fanning School

3417 Grace Avenue
Constructed in 1906
Named for Rose Fanning, St. Louis educator
Currently open as a middle school

Fanning School

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  1. I was a student of Rose Fanning Elementary school 1955-1962 . My home was across the street on McDonald. Lots of wonderful childhood memories made in that school. My sisters (5) all went there too. On the Grace and McDonald side the school was a row of Ginkgo Trees on the main terrace was big round flower beds of red and yellow canna flowers. Mr Mohler was the principal there. My teachers where: Miss Marhoft (kinderg), Miss Smith (1st gr) , Mrs Rose (3rd), Mrs Miathas(4th), Mrs Sinovick (5th) and Miss Sims (6th) please forgive any wrong spelling of names.

    1. I went to school there also when it was an elementary school & I also lived across the street but, I lived on Giles & MacDonald St….I also have a lot of fond memories there, I remember learning how to ride my bike or learned how to roller skate in the playground area before they built that building there. I went to church that was right across the street but, I can’t remember the name of it. I also remember having a Lil carnival on the street right in front of our house & I was in the parade..Anyways, had alot of fun there….

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