Blondie, Dagwood, & Chic

Note: This is one of the original “Facebook posts” from April 2012. This was one of my early “history finds” that were posted on Facebook. These early posts eventually led to the creation of this blog. I plan to add more information, more pictures, and a drink story in the near future. 

This is 2148 Oregon Avenue in south St. Louis. Murrat Bernard Young, better known as Chic Young, grew up in this house in the early 1900’s. After graduating from McKinley High School, Young left St. Louis and started drawing comic strips for newspapers in Cleveland and New York. On September 8, 1930, his strip “Blondie” debuted and quickly became the most popular comic strip in America. At its height, Young had a daily readership of 52 million and received more fan mail than any cartoonist in the country. Young died in 1973 at the age of 72. Today, Blondie and Dagwood live on in over 2,300 newspapers all around the world. The strip is now written by Young’s son Dean and illustrated by John Marshall.

Chic Young's Home

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