The First Public Kindergarten

Note: This is one of the original “Facebook posts” from June 2012. This was one of the early “history finds” that were posted on Facebook. These posts eventually led to this creation of this blog. It’s from a day trip I took with my friend Stephanie around to find some of the historical places in St. Louis. Steph and I share a common interest in the city and the old buildings that need to be preserved.  After our history find, she took me to Gus’ Pretzels for the first time in my life. I’ve lived in St. Louis for sixteen years and I’d never been there. She thought I was nuts (could be). More information, stories, and pictures of Susan Blow coming soon.

This is the Des Peres school located on Michigan Avenue in Carondelet. In 1873, Susan Blow opened the first public kindergarten in this building. Starting with two assistants and forty-two students, the experimental class quickly became a success. By 1883, every public school in St. Louis had a kindergarten.

Susan Blow's Kindergarten

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  1. I was a student there from 1967-1973. My grandmother and mother were as well. Wow!!! Please keep this place alive.

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